Kim Walters Choices – Think Pink Logo – circa 2013

Choices had been a small but regular part of my life for many years, initially with the Kim Walters Choices Program and Think Pink – do you remember this logo?

I was 41 when my doctor said those words

“you have invasive Ductal Carcinoma”

that was Tuesday, 11th June, 2013 at approximately 2:36pm

Choices offered me the choices I needed to get me through this “journey”’… I knew I needed to find external support of some sort.

I have been lucky…

The day the hair came off – What better way to celebrate, than morning tea with friends to raise money for Choices – Aug 2013

I have an extremely supportive husband and two beautiful children. I didn’t want to worry my family, any more than they already were, with all my anxieties and fears. Choices offered me support I could rely on and not only provided me, but my family with the backing we needed.

The Wesley Choices Support Program was that lifeline…

  • I needed to feel somewhat normal – the “Look Good, Feel Better” workshop and free wig hire services helped to provide me with the outwardly means;
  • I needed understanding and a place to escape – the peer support network was always there with a comforting ear;
  • The information events – all have been priceless.